RL and Internet

In light of a few things, I’ve come across this very relevant issue to all internet denizens: what is the degree of which real life and the “you” in your favorite cyber-hang-out places should mix? Complete separation? Some intermixing? Or full on interweaving to the point in which you cannot even tell the difference?

One site that is of particular interest is Facebook, because it is considered by many to be a tool in which they can use to better organize/chat with/catch up on/collect… real life friends.  So even though it is on the internet, this website isn’t considered a real cyber-hang-out place, at least for me, and pardon the oxymoron.  Though some people do use facebook as a medium in gathering online friends for a good chat, etc. of which I feel slightly uncomfortable with, as I am one of those people who try to handle these two realms rather completely exclusively.

I don’t care who you are – the internet you and the real you have discrepancies, if only by the discrepancies of real life and the internet itself – how you communicate, the real environment vs. the virtual one, etc.  There is a stigma associated with trying to be someone else in today’s culture; “be yourself” is often used as a slogan to promote self-esteem and push an individualistic attitude toward the young generation.  This is all well and good, it just need some tweaking when we are in this cyber vs. real context – “be yourself, both of them”.  I feel that a great fear in the interweaving of your cyber identity and your real one is that people on both sides of the wall will see the other you and condemn you for it in some way or another.

Online, I’m waste no time in diving into the deeper part of my fandoms whether it would be games or anime – spouting off jargon left and right and expecting people to understand me.  The anonymity aspect of the communication also allow me to say things in a more frank manner.  As mentioned before, the medium in which we communicate changes our behavior whether we like it or not.  I can also communicate like this because no one is expected to listen to me, I owe people nothing.  My readers can be the whole world or nobody, I have no way of predicting it.  Ultimately, there are just too much discrepancy between cyber communication and its counterpart to name that can change who we are.

Offline, well I’m not going to bore you with it, for it is an online audience that is reading it… that’s another thing, the cyber-side of the people associated with you, whether it would be an audience, or even a friend, is probably not even interested in your adventures associated with your school, your job or your girlfriend, and vice-versa – your real friends and acquantences will probably get tired of you if all you talked about was TOP TEN 20 BEST SNES GAMES or how you love your waifu very much, which could be the bread and butter of some online communities.

Then there is the whole issue with offline meetings… I’ve never done something like this, though I think if I’ve invested enough time and commitment to a particular online community, it would be fun.  I am being somewhat hypocritical, but I picture the offline meeting to have the members of the online community as the only participants, with absolutely no exceptions.

I’ll have to admit, I finished half this post like a month ago, and just wrapped it up today, so if there are some issues with how this article flowed, I apologize, but I’m way to lazy to clean it up.  I don’t really want to conclude this issue with any lingering wise words, because I really don’t know how.  I just thought this to be a very interesting subject and many other people probably had similar thoughts and concerns.  This is just my insight on this matter.



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Seriously, I don’t get this thing… I just, I just don’t get it.  Twitter took me forever to get, but I don’t think I’ll ever uncover the mysteries of this one.

Before I begin… I realized that these series of articles will become more and more redundant as I go on. I will remedy this by only mentioning the offensive effectiveness of a type per article.  This is only the second article so a change like this should be fine.

I’m in the zone, so you get two articles in a matter of two days! Aren’t you lucky! Considering before this, the last article was my sappy Valentine’s Day article… You! The one or two or zero people that visit this blog everyday! You deserve this!

Today we will cover Fire types.

Fire type offensively is pretty darn good, if used correctly, as it is super-effective against 4 types, but also gets resisted by that same number.  Bugs get no mercy from fire… ah, those fun and sadistic days as a child, the sun was shining brightly, and the only thing that remedied our boredom was our magnifying glass and some bugs.  Grass types meet the same fate as bugs.  Grass pokemon represent plant lifeforms… and fungi (still don’t know why it’s called grass type and not plant type.  It would make more sense and it is less dumb sounding), anywho, fire and plants and shit, you get the picture.  Ice – now here was some confusion.  I remember playing Gen I as a child, and… oh wait, it was Gen I, no wonder I was confused.  But what I wanted to say was that almost all ice-type were also dual water, so it was kinda dangerous and ill-advised to pit fire against them… Gen I, I can’t stress enough now fucked up it was – counter for INFINITE damage??! Thank goodness they got their act together in Gen II. Ahem, I got derailed.  Yup, Fire melts ice, next please! Steel, okay, fire melts it into all shape and sizes, I get that, but I’m hearing, “But many other things get the same treatment from fire as well!” Valid argument… not really, brokeness is not a valid argument in any case.  Fire and Steel has a special melting relationship, that is why this effectiveness exists.

Any thing fire does in this game, at least offensively and effectively, makes sense.  Well, that was boring.

Fire Fang missed.

The failure of the family.

Hopefully when it is looked at from a resisted point of view, it will be more interesting.

Fight fire with FIRE! Not really, since fire resists itself.  Probably stems from the fact that lighting something on fire already on fire doesn’t do anything, and why are you lighting things on fire? Water resists fire… Rock resists fire! I dunno, because they are not flammable?… honestly fire and rock seems to have some sort of rivalry in the poke-realm, and I’m not getting it that much.  I must say, it must be the other way around – because of pokemon, I’m getting this whole vibe that you must fight fire with rock.  The next time I want to put out a campfire, I’ll throw rocks at it… or maybe cover it with sand, but that’s another article.  Last but not least, dragons! There really is no logic here.  I feel like the guys down at Game Freak made their own dragon physics and made fire not be effective to it, can’t argue with that.

Fire for the most part, was more interesting than normal… but not much.

I will attempt to find the logic behind some of the type effectiveness associated with the pokemon games.  I will do it in parts because there are a million combinations, and I will use post-Gen I conventions since Gen I was fucked up.

First the easy ones:

Normal… it is effective against nothing – makes sense, since normal is well… normal.  The damage is halved when using a normal move against steel and rock.  Also makes sense, since they are hard to penetrate by conventional means. (No penis jokes middle schoolers…) Normal can’t hit ghosts, which kinda makes sense, I can understand where the logic comes from at least.  Since ghosts live in a different realm than normal so ghosts can’t touch normals and vice-versa.


Cute and Normal!

In terms of normal types’ defensive capabilities.  The majority of the types are neither effective nor not effective against it.  Normal types are a much isolated type – after all, it’s not very descriptive or have much relation to anything else.  Only fighting types are effective due to the fact that I guess in the “conventional” realm, talked about earlier, something that knows how to effetively fight would be advantageous against something that can’t… and I already talked about ghosts and shit.

I apologize for the wording of this article, can’t really find any way around not using the same words over and over again, oh and the ellipses… but that is just how I write if you haven’t noticed and has nothing to do with this article specifically.

Okay I lied, I meant… “First the easy ONE” not “ones”.  Didn’t anticipate how long this would take, plus I’m lazy.  I promise the later additions will be funnier, wittier and BETTER! Since it was my original intention to make fun of some of the more bizarre type relationships like bug and psychic and friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day

So I know this girl.  Prettier than any idealized anime girl ever was or ever will be.  We met at the beginning of the school’s Fall semester.  At first I thought nothing of her, but slowly I started feeling attraction towards her.  Then we started talking, and then things really started to rapidly develop within me.  I’m usually a very stoic guy, but she brought out feelings within me that I never thought had the chance of developing.  We talk almost everyday now, sometimes spanning over many, many hours.  Haha, and now it is February the 14th, haha, never really payed much attention to this arbitrary date…

Happy Valentine’s Day

(I’m fucking bad at this shit…)

OreImo: Planetes 2

The series follows the misadventures of Hoshino Ai, as she travels back in time to cheat on her husband, due to his long absence on his trip to Jupiter.  She changes her name to Yoshino, and marries Kousaka Daisuke, a even manlier stud than Hachirota, her previous husband.  The series also deals with the children of the result of the affair, and the incestuous troubles they face.

Maybe it’s just the banner, but this blog reminds me of a rainy day.  I kinda like the theme though, for some random reason and it does have some sort of relevance with the name of the blog; Welcome to the NHK was damn depressing.  I think I subconsciously did it though, because I know that in order to keep an upbeat and colorful blog going, it was obviously going to take more work.  If I write in a more lax and whateves manner, though it might not be as interesting, it is magnitudes easier to handle.